Encanto Palms prides itself on the educational training, dedication, and continuity of our care staff. Each program unit is maintained by a Care Coordinator who oversees day-to-day clinical operation, handles staffing, and oversees implementation and follow-up of resident care. Our care givers are required to successfully complete ADHS-approved directed care training. In addition, they attend our orientation and training program focusing on approaches and interventions for dealing with low acuity behavior issues and working with people with dementia. All program staff are required to attend on-going continuing education training sessions.

Our Encanto Palms care team, led by our clinical psychologist, includes the unit coordinator, community LPN, primary care provider, behavioral health consultants,case managers, and caregivers. Each resident is reviewed within seven days of admission and a minimum of once a quarter thereafter, by the care team. Our care team meets weekly with our clinical psychologist to review the care, progress, and discharge status of residents. Behavioral interventions are written, directed, and supervised by our clinical psychologist and based on the “least restrictive” philosophy of addressing behavior issues.

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