Admission & Resources

Our Admissions Criteria

Low Acuity Behaviors Include:

  • Resistive/Uncooperative/Combative with Care
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Physical restlessness/agitation
  • Manipulative/Intrusive behaviors
  • Obsessive-compulsive behaviors; hoarding/stealing
  • Poor intake/Excessive intake/WIthdrawal
  • Elopement issues
  • Poor and unhealthy grooming/ hygiene habits
  • Subjectively offensive behaviors.
  • Disruptive vocalizing
  • Problematic repetitious behaviors

Eligibility Questions

  • Is the person eligible for placement in an assisted living level of care?
  • Does the person exhibit low acuity behavior problems that make it difficult for them to live in a more traditional care setting?
  • Is the person diagnosed with or does the person have verifiable dementia, if considering the Dementia unit?
  • Are the person’s medical conditions and required treatments within the scope of Encanto Palm’s caregiving capabilities?
  • Does the person have any history of violent behavior against peers or caregiving staff?
  • Does this person have any history of suicide or self-injurious behavior?

Referral and Admissions…

All referrals are made to our Encanto Palms Arizona Behavioral Liaison, Nicole Crothers at 602-616-1256, for evaluation.


Please involve your health plan case manager when considering behavioral placement!

For More Information Call (602) 352-0000 or contact us by email
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